New Evangelization Conference and Catholic Expo 2014

It was a roaring success.

The line outside the door was so long even before it opened at 9am. The people came in, sat down, went through the expo, listened to the talks, got their NERBs and went home filled with the Holy Spirit as in Pentecost.

Thank you, Lord. Look through the posts and pictures here.

A big shout out to the marketing team I worked with: Jermer, Jo-I and Gem. For bearing my kulit-ness, for walking with me through all four building of Congress, for… everything. Also, to the FLiQ Media team. Wow you guys are wonder-full. The things that come out of that room are amazing. Keep dreaming, thinking out of the box… way out of the box, and keep focusing on God as the source of everything we do.

I am going to share all the promo posters. Just because. Enjoy!

poster a poster b poster c1 poster c2 poster d poster e poster f2 poster f3 poster f4 poster f5 poster f6 poster g

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