Kiddie Crew at McDo

I used to be in McDonald’s all the time. The burgers, fries, shakes, soda. Oh what a life! But I quit that all last year, and now, just on occasion, but I stay away from the burgers. But of course, I still love McDo. And when Des said that the Kiddie Crew was still on for one last week, we wanted to join… oh wait, no… we wanted the kids to join.

Actually, the girls told us they wanted to work in McDo. And they love it. They love working! They are excited to go to work, and love it. I hope they have the entrepreneurial gene in them šŸ™‚10382853_10152081693361606_4898662137417238930_nThey’ll be there all week (by the time this is up, they’ll be done), and it is a good cap to a very eventful summer of beaches, swimming and heat. Now, time to prepare for school!


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