X-Men: Days of Future Past (and Ramen Nagi)

One of YesPinoy’s partners – Lifeline Foundation – held a screening of X-Men, with the proceeds going to the One Chair, One Child project we have. Making chairs for students in Estancia, Iloilo – a place hit by Typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan. For only P750 per chair, a child will be able to go back to school (comment, email, contact us if you want to help out).

Before the movie, we met up with Dingdong Dantes (the YesPinoy Chairman) and Marian Rivera – ok, I am sure you know them – for dinner at Ramen Nagi in SM Aura. I loved it there. I got the Red King, and just followed the Chef’s Recommendations. It was SO SPICY. But I loved it. We have to go back. Especially because Des didn’t finish her food. Nahiya ata to show she eats … heartily. 🙂 So we need to go back.


As for the movie, X-Men Days of Future Past, I LOOOOOVED it. It really thread all previous X-Men movies, even the older franchise. Which is genius in my opinion. Not like resetting the whole franchise and not having it connect at all to the previous franchise. It was great having it tie up loose ends, even reset the bad movie where they killed almost every X-Man.10365733_10152085670256606_4009066532678770570_n

I am an X-Men fan. I have been collecting comics about the X-Men since I was in grade school (though I recently gave them all away to someone who will take better care of them). They cultivated my imagination, and showed me that anything is possible – you just have to (day)dream.

Thank you X-Men, and thank you to the movie as well. Even if you did switch Shadowcat for Wolverine.

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