YesPinoy moving forward!

20140510_225115There have been so many things going on the past few weeks for YesPinoy, that I can’t help but smile and be happy. Lots of plans in the works, and so many things going on at the same time – I love it!

We were able to send relief goods to people who lost their homes in a fire in J. Bocobo St. in Malate. We partnered with the United Dancers of the 90s and Tropang Malate for the effort. What a fun, always-moving bunch! I was not a dancer in the 90s (or any era) but that didn’t stop me from trying… and getting a shirt.



We also have more things planned to give toys, books and school bags in preparation for the upcoming school year. A lot of things going on! I sometimes wonder how everything gets done, together with family, school (almost done! Just submitting my final paper and defense left!), service (the New Evangelization Conference, Catholic Expo, Music Caravan) and everything else in-between – it is God’s blessing of just making the most out of the time we have during the day, and giving your all – all the time.

Enough of blogging, back to work! If you know of schools or communities who need school bags, let me know!

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