Festival of Families of the Asian Conference on the Family



Our family participated in the Festival of Families at UST. The UST Quad Hall is nice! I think it is fairly new, and a nice sight to see along Espana. They probably use it when UST gets flooded. So it must have a double purpose.

I didn’t get to go to the Asian Conference on the Family itself. It was the first time an ACF was held, and it was in Pope Pius Center in Manila. I already started working for YesPinoy and have been busy, so I didn’t go. But we did go to the culminating activity of Festival of Families.

It was a celebration of families, of the ACF and had messages from Pope Francis, and Bishop Lafitte of the Pontifical Council for the Family. Archbishop Soc Villegas celebrated mass and it was such a great experience to be with so many people from all over. We brought the whole clan, and went up on stage during Only Selfless Love as the Festival came to an end.

Family really is about celebration, about selfless love and about putting family first. I thank God for the opportunity to have taken part in it 🙂

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