A Day at Dagupan with Fr. Soc

I was feeling so sick last night, I didn’t think I would be able to make it to the trip to Dagupan today. I think it is the combination of the heat, moving work, and getting ready to move office. A lot of moving around, dust and hustle and bustle. I even had to excuse myself from a CFC FFL meeting early just to get rested. I “over”dosed on vitamin C and paracetamol, and was well enough to join the trip. Except for a sore eye.

Every opportunity to meet Fr. Soc, I take. Even if it meant taking time out from busy-ness and a lot of things. Especially now, as I am in transition, it was really in me to go seek him out. So when the New Evangelization Conference team set a meeting, I volunteered to come along. I even drove! Ha ha which I regret now, not sharing the privilege. Dagupan via TPLEX is not that far anymore. I think we would have gotten there sooner if Waze didn’t get us lost. We still got there a few minutes early for the meeting.


I LOVE his residence. An old Spanish style Chancery with high ceilings and wide hallways. Wooden floors. Big windows, 200 year old statues. I always tell Des that when we get to construct our own home it will have the feel of an old Spanish-era house. I couldn’t stop looking around and appreciating everything. Of course, I didn’t take pictures.

The meeting started right away and the agenda presented was the New Evangelization Conference and Expo updates. Please go. On June 7th at SMX. Archbishop Soc will be there to open the event, and CBCP is a co-producer of the event. You will NOT regret going, I guarantee it.1012584_10152049321941606_5787603101231597244_n10308228_10152049321996606_8353641669720633681_n

Afterwards, we had lunch which comprised of spicy bangus sisig (it is Dagupan, after all), kaldereta, lumpia and cashew rice. When the Archbishop tells you to go for seconds, you have to obey. YUM. The full stomachs show in our groupie.10291046_10152049037806606_3749629883589832560_nThank you again Fr. Soc for being part of our lives. You married Des and I. You baptized all our children. You are always there for us when we need strength and inspiration. I really hope that we also bring you strength and inspiration when you need such. God bless you. We made it home safely, except for my aching back. 🙂


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