A Good Household Year, 2013-2014



Last weekend our household went to Tagaytay and Calatagan to end our year as a household before being re-assigned to different groups. A despedida weekend. 2 other families weren’t able to go, but the 4 families that went had 11 children between us.

We went with the Javiers on Friday night, and the Badillas and Tesoros went together. I love seeing all 11 children interact. It was great seeing them play together, and yes, even fight each other. That is what friendship is about, being friends in good times and in bad times.

Just like us adults. We have been through a lot together, and there still are a lot of issues that we will face, but we know that friendship is there to fall back on.

Thanks for the good household year. Now, time to move on and make memories with new people. But always keeping the good times and bond to get us through tough times.

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