Kids and iPads

10010130_10152021082701606_818399492012366057_oWe have 4 kids, who are all 2 years apart. They have discovered the joys (?) of the iPad. Well, not the youngest… yet. What I have seen is that they all decide to play the same game at the same time. So if that game was just on one, then we’d have a fight on our hands.

I didn’t intend to have so many gadgets in the house. We had only 1 iPad at the beginning. It’s screen has been broken so many times, and there have been numerous issues with it. Sabine got to use it. Then their Wowo and Wawa gave an iPad one Christmas for the whole family. At that time Aida had learned to use it, so they had one each.

Eventually I got a Kindle Fire for myself, to read books. Then we were able to get another iPad from my brother-in-law. Too many gadgets in my opinion. I have been trying to sell the Kindle Fire for months but haven’t gotten around to meeting people who are interested to buy. If you want, let me know.

Now Ankoi also uses gadgets to play Angry Birds. So each one has one. I never intended them all to be connected so early. I saw they started having patience issues, so we hid all the gadgets for a month. Even unplugged the TV. They all became more attentive, played more with actual toys, and got to go out into the garden.

Recently, since it is summer time, we plugged the TV again. Regulated the watching. Then brought out the iPads. That was a mistake. Now we have to make sure all the Apps are the same across all the Pads. Hay. Life was so much simpler without them.

Sabine starts summer school in a week, Ankoi starts on Monday. Definitely hiding those gadgets during the school months. They really will be better for it. Too connected, too early. Never a good thing.

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