Marshmallows and Feeling Sad. Day 40 of #40DaysinChristianLife

This morning Aida felt sad. She said she didn’t remember why. Maybe because she didn’t get to play what she wanted, or didn’t get to eat what she wanted, whatever it was, she didn’t remember.


I think it’s very fitting this Black Saturday. We can feel sad, but if we don’t remember why, then that sadness can lead to bad decisions. Why do we feel sad? Because Jesus died. We anxiously wait His resurrection,  but the sadness is still there.

There are people that focus on the sadness. On ill feelings. Maybe make decision they’ll regret later on… because they don’t remember that there is Someone who is out there,  waiting to show that miracles happen to those who believe.

The beauty of this last day of Lent is that we are given the chance to die to our sins. Make right the wrongs we have committed. Then believe that we will be forgiven with Easter. It’s the best time to follow Jesus – the way, the truth and the light.

Aida feels much better now. Of course she doesn’t have the problems we adults do, marshmallows helped her just fine.



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