Reunions. Day 35 of #40DaysinChristianLife

1956714_10152004338486606_1825029612532857192_oLast night we went to Sucat to visit some old and good friends. The Urginos! They moved to the US in 2002, I think, and I have visited them twice in the US (in Ohio and then in Michigan), but it is till different when you see them in the Philippines. It could have been under better circumstances, but we got to pray and spend a little time together.

We got to see them almost midnight, and we got home at 2am! I am not used to that anymore. I was so tired the whole day. Old friends are good to have. Good friends are treasures. Especially when you have been through so much together. Of course, there is so many more things that can happen, but friendship can always withstand even the toughest of times… you just need to keep working at it.

Welcome home (even for just a few days) Raffy and Josette! Come to the beach with us 🙂

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