Time to be healthy. Day 34 of #40DaysinChristianLife


Last year I got a check up and I had high triglycerides, high blood and on the high side everything else.

I started eating oatmeal for breakfast (and I hate oatmeal), quit soda and the hardest of all, stopped eating fast food. Fast food has been my life for so long. Not anymore.

I also started some walking. Not running nor swimming yet, but hopefully I’ll get there. That was a couple of months ago.

Now I stopped oatmeal, but have limited rice intake. Soda sometimes when I have a craving for sweets. Still no fast food. Also still walking, no running nor swimming yet.

I still have to get a follow up check up, but I’m hoping for the best. When I get that craving for McDo or other fatty good I just tell myself I’ve been eating them for 38 years. I have had my allocation already.

It’s easy to say family is important, but we need to act on that.  Spending time with our family,  being healthy for them and making decisions that will be for their benefit 😉

It’s a continuous struggle, so keep praying for me! And it’s ok to still tease me about being fat, keeps me grounded.

Here’s to living a better life!

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