A tale of a barracuda, an octopus and ripped shorts. Day 29 of #40DaysinChristianLife

I do not mix well with local water. I think I drank some with a shake here, and had stomach problems right away. Happens to me all the time. How do I train my stomach to be stronger without getting me sick? Almost two days of eating almost nothing yet swimming and snorkeling. I should be losing a lot of weight!

We went to see the dugongs today. There’s a protected area where they swim, but unfortunately we didn’t get to see any. So our guide took us snorkeling somewhere else.

We saw an octopus! Then I was swimming and saw this huge fish I thought was a shark! I started shouting shark!  Shark! But it turned out to be a barracuda. Of course I watched the movie and panicked. You killed Nemo’s siblings!

Dad saw a shark, and we tried looking for it but didn’t see it. So I doubt he saw one. He’s trying to one-up us. Ha ha.

Kids are so dark, but they LOVE swimming. We are islands so we should love swimming and be dark. Last night here then back to the daily grind. 🙂





Oh wait, on the way up the boat, my board shorts ripped right down the middle. Good thing Des was wearing shorts over her bathing suit. … and it fit me. Thanks babe for your shorts. No pictures please.

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