This is more like The Biggest Loser than Club Paradise. Day 28 of #40DaysinChristianLife

It’s only 6pm and I am so tired!  Vacations turn out to be tiring rather than relaxing ha ha. I feel like I’m at the Biggest Loser ranch with all the activities.

We celebrated Franko’s birthday over breakfast with the staff singing and getting a cake. Ankoi did his robot dance.

We hit the beach after that and I am impressed with Bean and Aida. They haven’t had formal lessons but they just swim like fish! No fear!

Dad, Carlo and I went snorkeling after that and we saw the whole cast of Finding Nemo! Even a sea turtle. I was calling him DUDE but he didn’t look. Didn’t see a shark though. Took a well deserved nap.

Dad brought us on a hiking trip to the Hidden Beach and Eagle’s Point. With the Point being 500 meters up! Ankoi hiked all the way up, but rode my back all the way down. Maybe that’s why I’m pooped. Went through a “shortcut” that turned out to be wrong. All rocks,  brush and vines. I could definitely join Survivor. Carried Ankoi the whole time.

Palawan is beautiful. And we are having a great time. Changed rooms too to a colder one. 🙂 Sunburned like you can imagine.







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