Club Paradise in Palawan. Day 27 of #40DaysinChristianLife

I didn’t get to post yesterday because I was so tired I fell asleep at the end of the day right away.

The kids were awake at 4:30AM! We were supposed to leave the house at 6. They were so excited. The flight got delayed a few times and we got stuck on the tarmac because of traffic. .. ha ha Manila traffic even in the air.

The flight to Busuanga was only 45 minutes. Pretty calm flight. The landing was a different issue. Like the pilot didn’t realize he was supposed to land. So it was a hard landing and we stopped just a few feet shy of the end of the runway.

Club Paradise is a 25 minute van ride and 45 minute boat ride away from the airport. We saw dolphins swimming alongside the boat 🙂

The staff are really friendly and happy to see all our kids, and that’s always a plus. The beach is beautiful. Not much choices in terms of a la carte menu but there’s always a buffet.

The rooms are nice but there’s something wrong with having an inverter in the beach. It doesn’t get cold enough!  We had to move the bed to vw under the aircon and got an electric fan too.

The kids love it here. Spent the afternoon at the pool, then they had activities for kids as well – bracelet making. Then a nice play area. To wear them out. Me too.

Good start to a fun vacay.






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