New Media. More Prayers. Day 23 of #40DaysinChristianLife

Please say a prayer for my wife and kids. Des has a bad cold and runny nose. The girls are all on the way to having better bowel movement after a few days of bad stomachs. Our boy is currently down with fever, has diarrhea and can’t keep food down. It’s his birthday on Friday, please say a prayer for him especially. Must be the intense heat we have been having.

Also say a prayer for FLiQ Media! I joined their meeting this afternoon 🙂 We have been going into the media world and it’s been challenging. It’s hard to go into the very secular world of media, and yet having the goal of being Catholic in everything that we do. The right way to do media. New media. Catholic media. New evangelization.

I honor these guys and girls. We (nakikisali!) have a long way to go, but we are getting there. Bringing the Gospel to the new, ever-changing and challenging world of media. Be not afraid!

[catch the shows we have been producing by clicking THIS]


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