Great Friends, Times and Expectations. Day 22 of #40DaysinChristianLife

10168307_10151924136610044_1654725946_nWe have such great friends. Des and I had dinner with Cocoi and Gay tonight. Cocoi was my best man at my wedding, and I was his best man. Cocoi is the ninong of my only son (as of now, ha ha), and I am the ninong of his son as well. He was my first roommate when I went on my very first mission trip in 1997. We didn’t even speak to each other then, would you believe that? But friendship grows over time, and it has been almost twenty years. We each have 4 kids (3 girls and a boy). It’s weird and uncanny.

A very wise man said recently that the people of the world need more than IQ and EQ. They need WQ. Wonder Quotient. When you look at the world, and everything in it, and you can stop and be enveloped in mystery and say WOW. Not many people can look around at the world and still say WOW. These two people can do that. It’s always infectious to be around people who appreciate God’s handiwork everywhere.

Thanks, friends. Des and I are lucky to have you both. More fun times (good, bad, arguments, tears, frustrations, happiness, success, joy) to come!


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