Requirements’ Day. Day 21 of #40DaysinChristianLife

I admit it. I stayed home today. But only because I had to finish a bunch of requirements before the last day of classes of my MA tomorrow. Submitted my papers final draft in order to give it in soon for presentation and defense. Also finished my final exam for my last subject on Fundamental Pastoral Theology and Basic Ecclesial Communities. Also printed out all my semester presentations for submission. It’s a busy day for school. Family, also, of course.

Staying home and doing work gives me time to play with these kids:



It’s always a fun riot when they’re around. Today we played a lot of car racing. But the object of the game was to hit each other with a miniature car (not thrown in the air of course, just rolled on the ground). The amount of time you spend at work or outside the home, should be made for at home with family. We can say we do this all for them, but if you’re never around for them, then what’s the point?

Family time is the most important time. 🙂

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