Cudia and Acosta at the House. Day 20 of #40DaysinChristianLife

cudiaWe met Public Attorney Office’s Chief Public Attorney Persida Acosta and the now infamous PMA Cadet Jeff Aldrin Cudia. It’s weird seeing them in person after watching them in the news almost everyday. Cudia was with his parents as well, and after watching them cry on the news, it’s like you just want to give them a hug.

I asked him what he thinks of all the attention, he says he doesn’t read the news now nor read blogs. Well, if you get to read this, it was nice meeting you, and hope everything turns out ok for you.

I won’t make any judgement regarding his issue, because I don’t know the specifics aside from what comes out on the news, but we can only pray that the things being thrown at him – like lying, being dishonest and cheating – aren’t being done by the PMA graduates today. They have a strict honor code, and I hope they all follow it until now.

It’s a call for all of us too. Follow our own honor codes, and it will hopefully make this country even better.

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