Bully Boy. Day 19 of #40DaysinChristianLife

My wife bought me a burger yesterday from Army Navy. The Bully Boy. I was going to eat it yesterday too, but when I got home from work, dinner was already prepared. So I decided to bring the burger to work today.

Oh gosh. There are three patties in it. I got so shocked. If I were the old me, I would wolf it down and ask for fries and a milkshake. But oh gosh. It was huge.

Photo on 3-26-14 at 1.24 PMI didn’t finish it. It is now wrapped in a paper bag, ready to be brought home or given away. I will not throw it, because I don’t want to waste food. Hopefully someone can take it off my hands and enjoy a hearty, filling meal.

Thank you, babe, for the burger. But I can’t eat the way I used to eat anymore, thank God. Here’s to living more healthy as we get older. 😉

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