Unplugged. Day 13 of #40DaysinChristianLife

1973375_10151959389181606_126253780_oOur 8 year old TV. We got that as a wedding gift and it’s still working! It survived moving house a lot of times, having things thrown at it, and Ankoi climbing on it and jumping off of it.

Now, we are in the midst of an experiment. It is unplugged. No TV. No cable. No movies. We have noticed that the kids turn it on when they wake up in the morning before school. And then when they get home they watch the whole afternoon.

We tried setting rules like no TV during school days, but when we are both out, the yayas turn it on as a babysitter. We don’t want to have kids who irritable and who can’t focus… which I see is happening to them already, hence this experiment.

It’s been a few days, and now the kids have more time playing with all their toys (who knew they had so many), they do art projects, and they spend more time talking to each other. I am happy with this outcome. Of course, we aren’t anti-technology, so we do give them iPad time.

With all the technology around us, we really need to unplug sometimes. This is my second day of being sick and I am unplugged (except for writing this blog and the occasional Viber message), and it feels good to just re-focus and think šŸ˜‰ Unplug once in a while. It will do your body, mind and soul some good.

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