Be Different. Day 10 of #40DaysinChristianLife

On the way to my last few classes of my Masters, I stopped to get some ice cream in Mini-Stop. I suppose I am craving sweets, especially after giving up soda and all that for such a long time. Water is good, but it doesn’t do much for taste. The lady handed me the cone, and I looked at it and said: “Bakit ganyan?”


A lot of times we have pre-conceived notions about what to expect from things and people. If you are understood to be a certain way, people expect you to do and act that certain way. You are boxed in, and have no room for innovation nor creativity. Though most of the time, we box ourselves in. We do not want to do things differently nor be creative once in a while.

The box others see us in, is the box we crawled into ourselves.

But, sometimes, you just have that spark of creativity. Innovation. Courage. And you dare to do things a little differently. And that leads to some whole new experience. When that happens, I always think to myself… well, why didn’t I do this before?

Never box yourself in. Because a box is stuffy and cramped. There is so much more space outside than in.

Here’s to being different! Cheers!

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