Height through the Years. Day 8 of #40DaysinChristianLife


Above is the height wall we have at home. We started last year by measuring the kids’ height. We will measure every time they have a birthday. It will be a nice thing for the kids to see how much they’ve grown through the years. We had our own as well, growing up. It was on the side of the stairs of my parent’s bedroom. I took a picture of it as well:1891212_10151948806631606_1837360701_nIt shows our growth through decades. Growth spurts, and the eventual plateau. Well, we can’t keep growing. There is an end to it. And hopefully no reversal.

These show physical growth. Something we can measure. Look back on. Compare. But how about emotional growth? Or even spiritual growth? These are growth aspects that cannot be measured. There isn’t a ruler for it. No test can tell you how much you’ve grown emotionally or spiritually. Only you can figure that out.

I hope I have grown to be more mature spiritually and emotionally over the years. I do feel that I have. All the experiences we undergo, all the pain and joy, everything leads us to where we are now. And all of that help us to face the struggles yet to come in the future.

Our mind and heart are also full of lines. Lines marking what we have been through over the years. Memories that are hard to erase. But all make us stronger people, and better people if we learn how to harness these lines.. instead of always trying to erase them or pretend they don’t exist.

It’s never too late to make the right choices. Choices we know are right because of all the things we have been through. And because of the wise advice of other people who care and love us.


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