Daddy, help! Day 3 of #40DaysinChristianLife

Ankoi gets himself into the funniest of situations. This morning he climbed up the grills of the window, and got stuck.


He started shouting “Daddy, help! Daddy, help me!”

How many times do we get ourselves into the funniest, weirdest, most painful of situations? We know what we are getting into, but we do it anyway. And once we get stuck, then we cry for help.

Father, help us! God, what happened?! Please let me get through this, I won’t do it again, Lord!

And just like any daddy who goes and helps his son, our Father helps us as well. Yet we end up doing it again and again. Ankoi did it three times in a row. And asked for help all three times. Until he learned.

Maybe there are things we never outgrow. The need to do things our own way, our stubborn-headed way, and we expect God to bail us out. And He does (though sometimes not in the way we expect). And He always will… not only three times, but as many times as it takes us to learn.

We should just take it upon ourselves to learn quickly.

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