Our 1st Valentine’s Date?

Des and I went out for a Valentine dinner tonight. It shouldn’t be surprising, but it is. Des says it is our first ever time to go out on Valentine’s Day. Now, I don’t think so, but it is possible. Her birthday is on the 16th, and I don’t like going out when restaurants and roads are crowded, so we probably always celebrated Valentine’s and her birthday together. But, to be sure, I will check and get back to you.

This morning, when I woke up, my older daughters had their Valentine’s cards beside me on my bed. They wanted to give it the night before, but I told them not to (teaching them EQ!), so they left it beside me before they left for school.


Of course I had to get them something too. And I did, Chocolate covered popcorn from Royce… which they don’t like. Ha ha. I got Des some chocolates too, which she also says I never give. Ha ha I wonder how we ended up together? She hasn’t eaten it yet because she’s on a food plan. So she’ll wait for the super cheat day to eat it.

During the day I went to the 19th anniversary of the Home for the Angels in Manila. Founded by the man himself, Cong. Lito Atienza.


19 years of saving babies. And showing everyone that the answer is not abortion, but adoption. There is a home for all. They have saved more than 400 babies over the past years. I salute Cong. Atienza. He really walks his talk. I am not just saying that because I work for him, but because I really believe in him. 🙂

And then, dinner! We chose Tipulo Restaurant inside First Pacific Leadership Academy in Antipolo. First, it is where Des used to work. Second, the menu looked good (and the food was so yummy). And third, it is ten minutes away from our house. With social media showing all the traffic complaints, I am glad we stayed nearby.

The food was delicious. Des knows all the names but there was soup, salad, beef, fish, pasta, lava cake, wine and coffee. I am so full. Why don’t we go out every Valentine’s? 🙂 #browniepoints


After 7 (going on 8) years of marriage, and 4 kids (Maria just turned 1! Happy birthday baby!) later, we always need time for ourselves. I love you, babe. Thank you for always supporting me in the things I do for us and our family.

Des’ birthday is on the 16th. Wait for that date. It’s also ready. Ha ha. Have I learned? Have I changed? 🙂

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