The Amazing Race 2014

This year will be the first time I will not be joining the Missionaries Conference. Obviously because I am not a full time pastoral worker anymore (awww), but still doing my all-the-time service 🙂

I am very happy though to still be a part of it by helping fix the Amazing Race. It is a fun bonding activity for all the missionaries before the conference. Last year it started in Manila and ended in Bacolod. There was a Facebook-based fan fave voting as well.

Kevin and Kuh [Tean Gundam K] won fan fave, while Cocoi and Raine [PATA-Team] won the race (see all the teams from last year here).

This year, fan fave voting is ongoing (vote here). It will be on Feb 3 and start in Antipolo and end in Quezon. It definitely will be harder than before. 🙂

If you want to help the Race with funds, let me know! If you want to watch the start of the Race and take video, let me know too.

God bless them! It will be a lot of fun!

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