Being David.

Fr. Shenan Boquet of Human Life International is back in the Philippines! It’s his second time here. And according to him, he will be here two more times this year. That’s how important the Philippines is 🙂

I was able to join the lunch that Cong. Atienza held for him and Dr. Ligaya Acosta (HLI Asia Pacific head) today. He celebrated Mass first, then we all broke bread together (breaking bread in Mass, and then breaking bread during lunch)!

He said many things, and it is always wonderful to learn from a leader of the worldwide pro-life cause, but two specific things I want to share with you.

1. The true power of women. Western media is influencing women by telling them their power is in the power to choose for their bodies. And so you have sexual promiscuity and abortion and all other ills that plague relationships and society today. But Fr. Shenan was right in saying that the true power of women is teaching people – especially their children – how to love. If a woman harnesses this power, and teaches her children to be loving, then our world becomes a better place. Instead of hate that stems from violence and murder, we will have a society of peace because it is based on a mother’s love and concern.

2. Being David. David faced Goliath with no armor. And with only 5 rocks and a slingshot. Others thought he was crazy, but David knew what he could do. He knew his calling, his strengths and what he could accomplish. And he faced the hardest and toughest enemy anyone could face. And succeeded. We face many Goliaths today. Especially in the pro-life fight. And sometimes we think we need to be just like them to beat them. When in fact, we should become better versions of ourselves, and that will make us winners.

Here’s to facing more Goliaths by shedding off things that weigh us down and just sticking to what we are good at. 2014 is shaping up to be an interesting year.


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