Choose to be Brave!

It is the year of the Laity! And one way to really engage the laity (read: you and me!) is through social media. I honor the CBCP and ArchBishop Soc Villegas for really pushing this. The Year of the Laity website is great! Check out the website, Facebook and Twitter.

Choose to be Brave! A year for courage, for sure. What does courage and being brave mean to me now, at the start of the Year of the Laity? I can think of numerous things, but let me zero in on one = having a big family!

Though let me qualify that. If I lived earlier and had 4 kids, that would not be considered a big family. Even maybe a decade or two earlier than when I was actually born. My dad is one of 10 siblings. And my mom, one of 14! So having 4 kids is having a small family.

Look what a decade or two can do to brainwash people. Now, having 4 kids is a big thing. And having 10 to 14 would be considered downright irresponsible! My, how we have been brainwashed all these years. Get married late. Focus on your job. Have only one child. Be promiscuous. Don’t go to Mass. Don’t listen to anyone but yourself. We are on a downhill slide. And a lot of us are on a sled enjoying it. Not seeing how much it is destroying ourselves, our society and the family.

So yes, having a “big” family is an act of courage. It is being brave! In the eyes of the world, it is stupidity, but in the eyes of one who believes in a God who will take care of everything he needs, it is an act of love. Love because God doesn’t give us anything we cannot handle. Courage because we need to trust in that through the good and bad times. Always choosing to be brave, and choosing to trust.

It definitely is not easy. And it sometimes is tempting to give in to the pressures of the world and throw your hands up in the air and complain. But what will that do? You need to strive harder, work more and stay faithful. And we never are left needing more. We always have enough.

I am choosing to be brave by trusting in God who will take care of my family.


Dad and mom went to CBCP today and presented Live Christ, Share Christ as part of the Choose to be Brave campaign. Happy that it is a main part of it. 🙂 Here are some pictures… Maybe this stirring in my heart is moving to a new choice to be brave?





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