Misibis Bay 2013-2014

This was only the second time we spent New Year’s Day outside Manila. The first was many years ago (before everyone was married) when we spent it in Hong Kong. I just remember it was pretty boring compared to the fun and fireworks of Manila and the Padilla reunion. This year, we brought the whole gang to Misibis Bay in Albay.

1549530_10151815012756606_813363704_n Here we go! Off to the airport

We took PAL Express via NAIA Terminal 3 (and of course I was paranoid after that shooting incident in the same area), but it went well. Flight wasn’t delayed. And even early in the morning, lines weren’t horrendously long. There were a number of doors open at the entrance, then we were led to a check-in counter with a short line. I guess they saw all 17 of us with half being kids 6 and below. We didn’t pre-check-in so we were spread out all over the plane. Ankoi and I were even separated by the aisle. Of course, we had someone switch seats with him.

The flight was a bit bumpy due to the weather in Albay (it rained most of the 5 days we were there, compared to the heat and sunny-ness in Manila!), and when we got there the Misibis Bay people were ready to whisk us off to the resort.

It took about an hour to get to Misibis Bay, and the usual welcome drinks and dance were there. Also a briefing of what can be done over our stay, and even a hand-out of a suggested schedule. Cool.

We headed to lunch, and had to wait a couple of hours to get all the rooms. Due to late check-outs and all that. We got 4 rooms. The other 3 were upgraded, and ours wasn’t! We had to complain (I mean 3 out of 4?) and so we were upgraded that first night as well. Good thing, the room was bigger for all 6 of us. With a bathtub and a jacuzzi.

The food takes quite a time to get to the table, at least 30 minutes, and there is a lack of variety – even the buffet. The selection didn’t change. Sayang, for a resort, the menu should have changed daily to encourage people to go for the buffet instead of ala carte.

It was a pretty good first day. Even if the pool was COLD. Maybe they can invest in a heater?

1496668_10151817039751606_1297812236_n Day 2. Too much sleep!

We also tried out the zipline! And we could go tandem! So Bean went with Carlo, Des went with Aida and I went with Ankoi. I am scared of heights, but of course, I didn’t show it to my son. Ha ha. It was a fun zip! Nice to see their chapel and amphitheater as well.

1497754_10151817135261606_1883445982_nReady to zip!

We also tried the ATV hill-top tour (there was an option for a Mayon Volcano ATV as well, but that would have taken too much time and effort), kayaking, hobbie-cating, a sunset cruise (which turned scary when the waves acted up) and even went to a small town for January 1 Mass (we were given the wrong Mass time so we missed the Tagalog Mass and ended up waiting an hour for a Mass in Bicolano).

I like that they had many activities and play areas for the kids (the play room was the saviour of our trip!), I guess that more than made up for the lackluster beach. It had a small beachfront and was grainy and rocky. I wonder if all the units were full, and everyone went to the beach, would they all fit?

1538761_10151818618941606_1459632666_n Loving family time!

We did have a lot of fun even with the stuff I mentioned that could use some improvement. The staff was very nice and accommodating. They even bought diapers for the kids when we ran out. They were always on call to help out. They even set up a nice farewell dinner for us on the beach – and it was cool until it rained. But the thought counts, right?

1487298_10151819695131606_1602399760_n Ready to go on the cruise! Though Maria doesn’t look comfy.

Than Misibis Bay, we had a blast! Good to try and visit all the places in the Philippines. 🙂 I wonder where the tides will take our growing family next?

1524733_10201304106981567_1155317529_n On to the next adventure!

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