Ankoi time.

Like I mentioned in the previous post, we spent 5 days in Bicol with no yayas! We did it! Well, millions of people do it everyday, and we are just lucky to have help in the home with our family. But it is also good to, once in a while, just be with the kids. Hands on.

And I spent most of the 5 days with my son, Ankoi. We slept beside each other (which we do anyway), swam together, ate together, played together, walked together, changed together… everything. 24/5.

One of the most memorable was our tandem zipline. I think I was more scared than him. Though he didn’t speak the whole time. I asked him after, and he said he was scared. Ha ha. I don’t know if he grasps the meaning of that completely yet, but I did assure him that with daddy, there’s no need to be scared.


Now we are back home. And I was teasing that I needed a break from all the togetherness. But really, I will treasure times like those. I am sure he won’t remember much of it, but it was a great vacation with my family. It is part of showing him that he can depend on me, follow me, and just be himself with me. Even if that meant being whiny and clingy at times.


I love you, son! Here’s to more of times like these!

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