My Thousands Club

I was checking the popular posts of some blogs I follow, and so I decided to check mine as well. But instead of looking for the popular posts of the year, I am going to share the posts that reached more than 1,000 people opening and reading it (ever since I moved to WordPress, of course. From Xanga / Multiply to Blogger to WordPress. Sad I wasn’t able to migrate the site stats as well).

1. The Cartoons of my Childhood. Which would be in the 80s. Ha ha. I guess it resonated with a lot of people.

2. My own suggestions on places to visit in Metro Manila. Sometimes we get asked, where we should bring people… and hopefully, we don’t bring them to malls!

3. People wanted to know the popularity of the Senatoriables last May right before the elections.

4. The 25 BEST movies! Nothing more to add yet.

5. Know the truth. It’s out there. The origins of Couples for Christ.

6. Are the red shoes of the Pope, Prada?

7. The elections was a fierce crowd drawer. Senatoriables popularity a month before election day.

8. A warning to parents, with what almost happened to my kids.

9. My blog on my nephew Giovanni. Passed away too soon.

10. And much to my surprise, a Survivor related post got in!

Lastly, 11., our trip to Biak-na-Bato. Where I swung on a vine, it broke and I landed on a rock jutting out of the ground. Almost hit my head!

Thank you for reading. I try to write as much as I can, but … no excuse. Ha ha! Merry Christmas, everyone!

Christmas Message 2013

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