Supreme Court power with 2016 President

Blogging about the Supreme Court in my previous post piqued my interest. I think BS Aquino does have a bone to pick with this SC. He currently has 4 appointees – Chief Justice Sereno and Justices Reyes, Perlas-Bernabe and Leonen – and will be able to appoint 1 more when Justice Abad retires in May 2014.

But, when the next President takes over in 2016, he will be appointing 11 Justices! He (or she) will fill up the slots of these retiring Justices (and the year):

Justices Villarama, Jr, Perez and Brion (2016)

Justices Mendoza and Reyes (2017)

Justices Velasco and De Castro (2018)

Justices Carpio, del Castillo and Bersamin (2019)

Justice Peralta (March 2022)

That’s a LOT of power for our 2016 President. BS Aquino must be very keen to put an ally in the Presidency after him. To cover up all the PDAF / DAP / and whatever else dirt that comes out after he steps down.

So who will it be? Miriam, Mar, Binay, Ping, Grace Poe or someone else?

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