Flip-flopping Justices will be impeached? How about politicians?

Yesterday, during the 5th to the last session of the House for 2013, there was a big brouhaha in the hall. Cong. Umali (of Mindoro) delivered a speech the night before about the flipflopping Supreme Court Justices, and he was questioned again yesterday.

His colleagues were shouting at the top of their voices complaining about the SC Justices and how they took away the PDAF / Pork Barrel. They were moaning about their scholars with no more funds. And how the SC was unfair.

[I guess they didn’t attend the CHED briefing a few days ago which informed all the House members that the scholarships given would last until the end of the school year, whether paid by PDAF or not. And that the scholars can continue as scholars as long as they pass all the requirements. Which is fair, in my opinion. Why give scholarships to people who won’t pass their subjects? Give to the deserving.]

The Congressmen wailed about the Justices flipflopping on cases like the PAL case and the League of Cities case. And that these flipflopping Justices should be IMPEACHED.

Well, I agree that flipflopping doesn’t bode well for the highest court in the land. It begs a lot of questions. And with big players in both cases, you have to wonder if concessions were made. They need to strengthen themselves as an institution and make bold decisions that don’t bow down to anyone – only to the Constitution.

Which may be what they did in the PDAF (and hopefully the DAP follows as well) case. Making it illegal keeps the playing field fair. And maybe in the near future, only those who want to serve the country will go to the Legislature. Maybe the PDAF case was a turning point for our Supreme Court in deciding without fear or favor? Really looking blindly, like Madame Justice herself?

Now the legislators screaming IMPEACHMENT are in the wrong. It truly begs retaliation on the heels of the snapping away from their hungry claws the pork barrel. Very sad. And not statesman-like at all. And if they are decrying flipflopping Justices, what about their own flipflopping? From one political party to another (depending on who the President is), just jumping from one house to the next – no ideologies, just position. Can we impeach them as well? Oh for the day when we actually have statesmen in the legislature again.

I am sure we have one [shameless plug]. My boss, of course. Work hard even if others do not. What do you expect to accomplish with about 40 out of 289 Congressmen at the start of Session? Hmm. It will be a miracle if they get to pass the impeachment complaint. That will go down as one of the few bills passed. In line with postponing the SK elections and passing the budget. 2 lang? Work, guys. Work!

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