PDAF Abolished! A sign of a maturing democracy!

This week, the Supreme Court did something amazing. They deemed unconstitutional the Priority Development Assistance Fund or PDAF. The PDAF is known for corruption. The SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) was an open secret that politicians get up to 20% cut of the project price. But Napoles and her cohorts blew the lid of the scam and people found out it wasn’t 20%, it was 100%!

SOP has been so ingrained in the system of government here that people accepted it. But what drove everyone off the edge was that it was so blatantly used for greed. Now, hopefully we have learned that any amount of thievery is wrong. And we will not even accept the SOP still ongoing. Too much temptation!

The Supreme Court showed their independence. Malacanang is saying that the Supreme Court bowed to public pressure. Well, good thing they did. Because our elected representatives surely didn’t listen to their constituents (except for a few good ones who have been against the PDAF from the start).

The SC also declared all forms of pork barrel from previous years as unconstitutional. And the discretionary use over the Malampaya funds as unconstitutional. Malampaya funds are only supposed to be used for projects and programs related to electricity – which is actually good because that is what the Visayas needs right now. Instead of mansions, bags and cars, use that money to bring light to destroyed areas.

This brings a new era to Philippine politics. No more executive branch waving money over the legislative and judiciary. No more “if you do not follow, I won’t release your PDAF.” Now we can have Congressmen who have the best interests of the people in mind.

Ever since the ruling came down, the House has not mustered a quorum. Morale is low and Congressmen are angry. Hopefully, come 2016, they will decide that it is not worth the time and money, and the dynasties, know-nothings, do-not-participaters, will decide not to run. And give the floor to people who want to make a difference. Maybe the Golden Age of Philippine Politics is upon us. And hopefully a change in the way cases are handled in the judiciary down the line. Maybe judges will follow the examples of the Justices and act impartially now.

Now we wait for the ruling of the SC over the DAP. I believe it will go the same way. The DAP is something the Department of Budget and Management cooked up to use funds from different projects and bring it to projects and programs not even approved by Congress. That shouldn’t be allowed. We believe in you SC. You have proven that justice truly is blind (to power, tactics, influence and money), and that the voice of the people is the voice of God. Listen.

[Read Cong. Lito’s blog on the Supreme Court decision, and watch the privilege speech he gave in Congress]

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