A Drop of Love for the Visayas (Day 10: November 20, 2013)

More donations come in everyday! We reached one million in a week (even more). And I have inside information that we breached three million for the second week! So many kind hearts and generous people giving cash and goods. THANK YOU.


We do so much work and try to bring these relief goods to the people, but it isn’t easy hearing stories of politicking by our government. Like people needing to present written notes from Barangay leaders to be able to get relief goods. Or agencies repacking international aid into local bags with their logo. Or goods rotting because they have not been “searched” yet. Or even the stopping of telling the real number of dead people! I mean, people need to know, why keep it a secret or keep the number low? Just for publicity? What is the logic in that?

Even stopping Oplan Hatid at Villamor Airbase because of politicking? Because citizens should not dictate on the government, and it should be the other way around? I thought WE were the boss? Didn’t BS Aquino say that?

So sad. And the media being blacked out. Good thing we have Anderson Cooper. Who says what needs to be said. And here he is saying it:

We are doing our part. Please, government, do yours.

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