The worst thing you can do is to get a check-up. That’s when you find out you are sick of so many things…. of course, I am kidding. I am 38 and getting older. The body isn’t as healthy as it used to be. I had lots of check-ups before (western and eastern doctors) and I was always told that I was ok and just needed to lose weight. This time, it was different.

I had high blood pressure during the check-up so I need to monitor for a week to see whether I need to take medication for it already (forever!). And blood tests show I have high Triglycerides. Which, if you Google, can cause a heart attack because of the high content of fat in the blood.

Ok, I love fast food. And burgers. And pizza. And ice cream. And junk. And soda. And candy. But, things can’t be like that forever, right?

I have always said I wanted to be healthy. But because those doctors (boy sisi! Ha ha like President, like me) said I was always healthy, I never really took steps to change my lifestyle. Now, I am taking steps.

I have cut out rice (except those California Makis that I ate Friday night). I cut out soda (except that one glass of Royal I had yesterday). I am staying away from fast food (except the two pieces of KFC chicken served at the meeting yesterday)…. Ok I am not too strict yet, but I am trying. During the Mongolian lunch yesterday I only put chicken and shrimp.

Oh age and weight. Why do they have to increase at the same time?

I am starting oatmeal again. Which is a major thing for me because growing up we had to eat oatmeal every other day (on odd days we had soft boiled eggs). And I never got over it. I can’t smell it. I don’t like the texture. Gag. Choke.


But, here it is. Second day of oatmeal. Can I just eat it every other day?

I am starting to exercise again. I live on a mountain so just walking around it is tiring enough. Oh man, what is happening to me? I am doing it to live, of course. But I am also doing it for my family. And that is the best motivator.

So, help me! Check on me. Watch what I am ordering and eating. And if it isn’t good, pull it away. I will thank you later (after I scream and get angry). Here’s to starting life a little bit earlier than 40. 🙂



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