Sky Ranch and Tagaytay

1,000 is a milestone. And my 1,000th post on this blog was the one previous to this one. Not intentionally. Must mean something! 🙂

Over the past few days the family went to Tagaytay for some R&R. Some respite from the hot weather (where did all the cold go?) in Manila. And whoa. Tagaytay was FREEZING. Windy and cold. We brought along Barangay Padilla because they have been bugging us to go on a vacation. They actually want to go to Disneyland, but that’s out of the question. So, Tagaytay instead (hey, if Nuvali can be substituted for Singapore, then Tagaytay can be Disneyland).


What a surprise to see the Sky Ranch open. We braved the crowds to go there on a Tuesday. It opens at 3PM. Entrance fee is P50 per person unless you are under 3 feet.

Then each ride has a corresponding price. Only the carousel gets the under-3-foot person a free ride. All the rest, everyone pays full price. The Sky Eye (the highest ferris wheel) is P150 per person! For 10 minutes. But definitely worth a ride. We didn’t bring the baby for the Sky Eye. And good thing because the carriage is a bit cramped:


The kids loved it though! Even if I was pretending to be unafraid of heights and enclosed, small places. Phew. We made it out of there alive. We left soon after because the crowd was thickening and the space isn’t that huge. Even parking is an issue. Better to park across the street from Sky Ranch where it’s free 🙂

It was a good, short vacation. And soon, even the newest member of the clan will be joining us. Segue to welcoming baby Lucas to the family! Good to have you as the 9th cousin 🙂 See them all below with mom and Des:

1395822_10153451671615164_398147062_nOur children and their cousins. Of course, ready to raid the neighborhood of candy.

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