Government Savings should go to the RIGHT PLACE


The DAP controversy is hounding the Department of Budget and Management; especially how Secretary Abad just moved around money for whatever he deemed needed money. He took it from supposed “savings” of government, and gave it to lawmakers to help spur the economy. Makes sense? Definitely not.

1. How can there be savings in the middle of the year? The projects and programs of government are never for 6 months only. Especially those in the General Appropriations Act (GAA). So how could you give Senators and Congressmen money in the middle of the year from savings?

2. Did the projects and programs push through? Maybe they didn’t, and so the money was left over. That could be a possibility. But again, why propose to continue it from the year before? Most of those in the GAA are continuing programs. So if you had foresight that it would fail, why re-propose?

3. How will lawmakers spur the economy? How can 20 or so people help the economy move forward? The answer is probably that these lawmakers will allocate the money in projects. But that won’t happen immediately. These projects are not under any program of government, and will have to go through the many steps. So it will not help immediately. This excuse “to help economy” does not hold water. Now, if these lawmakers went shopping, built houses and ate out.. then yes, it will help a FEW people…. or maybe not even because I don’t think they shop for local goods.

4. How can you get “savings” and give it to something NOT in the GAA? That is illegal. Government cannot spend on anything outside the GAA. If they want to, they’d have to ask Congress to approve it.

Now, with the tragedy in Bohol and Cebu, yes, that’s the BEST place to put “savings.” Not in the pockets of these lawmakers, but in helping the people of these two hardest hit provinces. This is responsible use of government money. This is true service. Get your act together, Philippine Government.

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