42 years strong.


My parents celebrated their 42nd anniversary yesterday. 🙂 42 years, 5 children, 9 grandchildren. And still going strong. There are a lot of things we have learned from them along the way, and the most important one of all those is to live with faith.

Faith that there is a God who has a wonderful plan for you. And that’s what you need to get through everyday. Through the good and bad.

It was fun just chatting over coffee and cake late into the night. Family love can never be broken. Especially when grounded in the same faith. It was also the day of celebration for tito Gil and tita Gigi!


Congratulations! Tito Gil was inspiring when he thanked tita Gigi for journeying with him in faith. Something good to remember as we all go through our married and family lives.

Even amidst all the successes and challenges, if there is no faith, there is no future. Here’s to that future full of hope!

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