xavyniceday, PolBits!


There are a few blogs that I religiously visit. Everyday. Waiting for a new entry. Political Tidbits is one of them! There are few political writers in the Philippines who write how they see things truthfully. There are a lot of spin masters and paid hacks, but Bel Cunanan is not one of them. She sees the landscape of politics in the Philippines, and writes it as it is.

And that’s what I love about her blog (she is on Facebook as well). I got to meet her on Tuesday. As she walked in the house, someone mentioned her name, and I was starstruck! Of course, we had to have a picture with her (Des has one, too). And talk about politics, her disappearing from Inquirer (what a good narrative!) and how she is still active even after all these years writing the truth.

Inspiring stuff. I can only aspire to be like her in the blogging circuit. There are upcoming meetings for future plans and collaboration, so definitely avenues to learn more.

Check out her blog. It’s definitely worth it.

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