There is a plan for you.


I didn’t know it then. But I do know now.

Some people call it “the universe conspiring” and others call it fate. I think it is God’s Will working in our lives. Things happen for a reason. And more often than not, we do not understand at the moment it happens. But these things move us along and make us better people. If we respond correctly.

Looking back at the many big decisions I have made lately (changing employment is one), it all just fits. All the things that happened even months or years before. Circumstances that led to the decisions. All the pain, joy, torment, jitters. All led to something; and are still leading to something else.

But you won’t see it if you do not angle yourself correctly through prayer. When my prayer time is strong, I see the route I passed as if it was laid out. The people I met. The experiences I enjoyed. The fears I conquered. All leading up to one point to make that perfect decision.

When I am struggling with my prayer time (yes, it happens!), that is when I am confused. I think everything is going wrong. And I choose to do things my way. Reading the “signs” the way I want to read them, and not as how it is part of a greater plan.

And that’s when things usually get messed up.

Yet, even through that, if we choose to go back to the Source / the Maker of the Universe / the Master of our fate, then we get back on track. And those mistakes just make us better. A little more damaged and bruised here and there, but wiser.

There is a plan for me and my family. We are taking things one day at a time. Struggling with our choices and the difficulties that life brings, but holding on to God and slowly seeing the route laid out for us. And there is a plan for you as well. Reflect on how life has been, offer those thoughts up to God in prayer, and be amazed at what lies ahead.

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