2nd Year (out of 2!) NOMINATED for Catholic Mass Media Awards!



Nominated again! Last year we had 3 nominations (plus 4 including the Teodora ones). Only one (from Teodora) won. I looked through my three (1, 2, 3) entries about it last year. And yes, it was such a rush being there!

And the pain of losing, wow. That was intense. I can still remember it now. It was our (FLiQ Media) first time to submit anything for consideration, and having three nominations is awesome. This is our second year, and we got 2 for 2!

Two nominations, in the same category. Both for best website. The websites of Family and Life Update and CFC YFL. I am giddy with excitement! Though having second thoughts about going. What if we lose? I might not be able to take it (drama king).

Pray for us! November 15 is D-day! Congrats to the whole FLiQ Media team! Our hard work is definitely paying off.

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