Are the SK Elections > Freedom of Information?


The bill postponing the SK elections was the first one out of the 16th Congress. Faster than any other bill. It got read on the floor, passed to a committee, amended, brought back to the floor, voted on, approved and escorted to a bicam. Now it is with the President, and it is approved by all intents and purposes.

I don’t get it. The Barangay elections are pushing through anyway. It’s not a cost problem to have the SK elections at the same time. The SK officers will not have a hold-over position, so once their term is up, there will be no SK. It is, in fact, de facto abolished until the next SK elections.

People say they want reform because of the abuses done by the SK in terms of finances and irregularities. Hello? Anyone reading about the pork barrel scam? Napoles? Drilon and Abad giving millions to politicians for their votes? Fake NGOs? \

If anything needs reform it is not the SK. It is the institution that taught the SK how to cheat. Congress needs reform. Not all these accusations, and denials, and then “oops I know them pala but we never worked together.” It’s revolting. In this case, using the SK example as a precedent, can we postpone the 2016 elections and not have any Congressman stay in a hold-over capacity? While we are instituting reforms.

I think that’s a good idea. Corruption is so ingrained, that everyone knows it happens. And everyone just accepted it – until now. Until we saw just how bad they’ve been cheating us. And just how stupid they thought we were.

We see that Congress can pass a law as fast as they can steal millions through fake NGOs. So, yes, they can pass the FOI bill. And we need to pressure them to do so. They say there are no rooms for the committee to meet? Another lie. Here’s the usual schedule of committee hearings during a day:


Reform the SK? Reform Congress!

Kick out the scumbags who use money to impeach people and pass laws against life.

And pass the FOI law. You have nothing to hide, right? Though that gets disproven everyday. They have everything to hide. Matuwid na daan my foot.

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