Empowered to Witness!

The 2014 Theme for CFC FFL is here! I think it fits perfectly. From Faith Works Wonders this 2013 to Empowered to Witness. We saw how our faith worked wonders in our lives and now it is to live our lives as good witnesses. Not only in our words, but in the way we are everyday.

It fits in with the work I do in FLiQ Media and all the shows we do weekly (as well as my own show). How we witness God’s love and goodness to others. It fits in with my work in Congress with Cong. Lito Atienza. How we are witnessing good governance that really cares about the people.

I am especially excited that it came from the book of Timothy. As we know, he was young, yet he was empowered to witness God’s love and faithfulness. I don’t consider myself young anymore, but others do, and 2014 is the year we get to serve more with our love, families and faith.


Today, I am fasting and praying for Syria as well as CFC FFL. Witnessing is also praying. And also caring about what happens everywhere in the world. We are all connected. We need to pray for one another.


Please keep praying for all of us. As much as we want to serve 100%, well, there are always different realities. But like what I posted on Facebook and everywhere yesterday:

Continue dreaming God-sized dreams and see ourselves as gifted contributors to God’s mission. No matter what our role is / will be.

Pray for CFC FFL. Pray for Syria. Pray for each other. And, aside from prayer, live lives as witnesses to the goodness of the Gospel.

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