The PDAF has been around for years. Everyone knows what it is used for. Yet some politicians are clinging on to it like glue. I am thankful that there are Congressmen, like Lito Atienza, who are unafraid to fight it. And to be vocal about it. Oh and yes, I do work for him.

We want change. We want to make a difference. Yet a few people in power don’t want to change the way things have been done for years! How is that possible? When change is on the verge of happening (and the people want it badly), will they be a stumbling block? Now these few politicians are spreading lies and gossip about those who want to change the system. They are trying to get other people to rally to their side (though public opinion is against them). Some have even resorted to black propaganda like anonymous text messages (which I hear about inside the hallways of Congress). And I am sure there is wheeling and dealing for them to get what they want in the end, even to the detriment of the country.

Einstein is right. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results. If we want to see real change, then we must change along with the desire that we want. Gandhi said it well too (I used to have a notebook that had this saying on the cover):

gandhi-be the change

Change definitely begins with us. And it will happen. The people are clamoring for it. Demanding it, even. And if they continue to try to stop it, they will get run over.

There’s a rally on September 11, which CBCP has recognized. Make your voices heard once again. NO TO PORK BARREL!


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