Million People March to Scrap Pork!

Every year we have typhoons. Every year we also have relief operations for typhoon victims. And almost every year we have big rallies to go against immorality and corruption.

One day, we hope to only have one of the three – and that’s the one we have no control over. We don’t always need to have typhoon victims if we are prepared, and if everyone has a safe and decent home. And definitely, we do not need rallies if we have nothing to rally about.

I am happy to have been part of the Million People March. I was sunburnt (na-lechon ako! Dahil sa pork barrel) and I am happy that I was. I am also happy to be part of CFC FFL that never is afraid to speak up against corruption and immorality. We are not beholden to politicians, popular artists… we are only accountable to God in the way we fight for truth and morals.

What happens next? We keep being vigilant. We push for laws and procedures that uphold transparency and accountability. And WE NEVER STOP SPEAKING UP. Yesterday was a big statement from Filipinos. I hope the leader of the country of Filipinos listens.. and not just releases soundbites about being one with the people in the fight against pork

Because if you are one with us, then you WILL SCRAP PORK. Not in 2015. Not only in the Senate and in the House. You will do it NOW. And you will include YOUR OWN.

Time for real change. And for a government that really and truly cares for the Filipino. Show us.


IMG_5279The crew. Walked a couple of KM to get to Luneta

IMG_5291My aktibistang wife and me.


IMG_5299CFC FFL! Faith in action!

IMG_5322Galit na si Cocoi!

IMG_5303Maybe not a million (yet), but you better listen. Hundreds of thousands on a rainy day? That’s anger!


IMG_5321She’s happy to be here, but in a fighting mood against corruption!

IMG_5315These shoes witnessed history. I don’t even want to wash them yet.

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