Victory on ! Pork Barrel has been SUSPENDED!

Thank you to everyone who signed our petition on ! PNoy has suspended the implementation pending the results of the NBI investigation. Three news (at least the ones I saw) outlets covered it: Rappler, Star and GMA.

Hope it’s true. You know with these politicians, they say one thing and do another. Even the pork barrel, when it was still known as the Countrywide Development Fund. There was a scandal, it got investigated, and in the end all it got was a name change…. oh wait, no. It even got worse (read about that here).

Thank you to Congressman Lito Atienza. Not only because I’m part of his team, but because he stood his ground and worked for the suspension (and hopefully we will influence for the abolition) of the PDAF. From his resolution, to his privilege speech, to his debate with Boyet Gonzales (who, by the way, is a big eater of pork). Good to be working with someone who wants the best for Pinoys.

The resolution is now done. PDAF has been suspended (even the Senate has adopted a resolution suspending it… Congress, kayo na lang!). And we now also hope that this is a first step to it’s abolition. And because of that, we will be at the rally on Monday. And politicos, you better be listening.


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