The Young Take the Lead



As of this moment, big parts of the Philippines are under siege by rain and flooding. It has been raining since Sunday, and the forecast says it will be this way until Thursday. So please keep us all in your prayers. Areas have flooding neck deep already.

But when all of the rain started falling, we had an event at Phil Sports Arena. The 2013 Live Pure Conference!



More than 5,000 – mostly young people – braved the strong rain to celebrate coming home to God. Choosing to live pure. And not being afraid to tell the world about both God and chastity.


Archbishop Soc Villegas celebrated Mass at the start of the day, encouraging everyone to do 5 Cs: Confrontation. Challenge. Conversion. Consolation. Contemplation. Talks by Jepoy Meneses and EJ Aguila also cemented the message of living pure, but not only that, living pure with your foundation in God.

There was also the launch of the mini-movie Tadhana 2 (did you watch the first?). And of course, guest performers like Highly Blessed, notsofast, Paraluman and Luigi D’Avola. My son really enjoyed the show. He even went through the crowd and joined the mosh pit. Problem is, he is only 2! Oh, do I have a rocker on my hands?



Another favorite part was the opening. With the J Band (seriously one of the best bands out there), Lem of Callalily, Pipo of notsofast, the dance group Next 2 Innocence (which is… knowledge?) and the EDSA Shrine choir. Check out my recording of it. Please excuse my daughter video-bombing the thing.


People always say that we are the future. I always say the future has arrived. 5,000 people younger than me have proved that. We are ready to take on the challenges of the present. It’s our turn.


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