Congress Heats Up with Pork

Last night, Rep. Lito Atienza (BUHAY party-list) blasted Rep. Boyet Gonzales for his unprofessional and ungentlemanly comments in media. Boyet said about our stand to suspend the PDAF pending investigation: “Kung ayaw niyo, ‘wag niyo.” He told us to just not get it if you are against it.

Shows how the leadership of Congress is now. They don’t care that the people want answers, and the people are getting angry. These politicos just want their money. Everyday for the past weeks we see the details about the wheelings and dealings of Napoles. And how Congressmen and their allies are trying to cover up. There are so many more details to emerge for sure. Just wait for the floodgates to open. Now the news is all about the opposition members of Congress. 2016 is nearing, and expect more details about the allies of Malacanang to come out.

Boyet also said he needs the pork barrel because people ask him for money. Are you still Mayor? That’s what the Executive Branch is for. You are a lawmaker. Not a lawmaker / road constructor / waiting shed builder. It’s patronage politics. People will go to you because you give money or favors. But if you stop, the people will stop as well. LAWMAKERS MAKE LAWS. The meaning is in the name itself.

Why else do cities have government hospitals? Public schools? Aren’t those the places where your constituents should go? You don’t need to give them money. You just need to point them in the right direction on where to go to avail of the services of the city. Enough of patronage. Time for all of you to shape up and actually serve the poor.

Look at the provinces that got poorer over the past few years. Don’t you think P10 Billion would have helped him? Or if the Billions in PDAF were actually in the Executive, how much more could it have helped them?



Now allies of Pork want to silence opposition. They say that since resolutions have been filed, that we should wait for committee hearings for the issue to be resolved. When that will be, who knows! No committees are meeting yet because the budget is being heard and deliberated on. Maybe Congress will act on it in a few months when BILLIONS more are gone.

It will take them ages to move on this. Because they think pork is THEIR money already. Pork is not YOUR money, sirs. It is the money of the people. And this money should not even be in your hands. You do not make projects, roads, school buildings or anything like that. You MAKE LAWS. We want you to DO YOUR JOB.

This Facebook status sums it up.


Why not call JANET NAPOLES to face the senate in an investigation? They did it to Gen. Garcia, Angelo Reyes, SC Justice Corona, ex-president Joseph Estrada, and so many others. Heck, they even did a senate investigation on Hayden Kho! Have it televised for the public to see. Are they afraid because other senators also benefited from NAPOLES? Why are Senators REVILLA & ENRILE suddenly quiet on this 10 BILLION SCAM? Did NAPOLES contribute 100M to the Liberal Party last elections? Senator FRANKLIN DRILON, why are you silent now?

The NBI investigation can be manipulated so it should be the SENATE that should lead in investigating this plunder case and find out the extent of the crime committed against the Filipino people who could have genuinely benefited from the PDAF. WHO ARE PROTECTING NAPOLES & FAMILY AND THESE BOGUS NGOs?

How much longer are we going to wait? How much more will go to nice cars, big houses, lavish parties, expensive bags and NOT to the poor?
Sobra na, tama na, itigil na (video)!

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