Congress Greed brings Cardinal to Tears

Things will get worse before they get better. And you can bet on it, more people will be embroiled in this Pork Barrel controversy. The anger of the people is mounting, and Congress seems to be deaf to our pleas and rage. There are only a few who continue to speak up, yet the majority continuously silence them.

Now even our Catholic servant-leaders have spoken up. Cardinal Tagle even got emotional when talking about the issues:

“It’s like your heart is broken into pieces. Can one really do this to one’s neighbor? Can one really stomach causing this kind of damage on the country?”

And Archbishop Soc Villegas also came out with a strong letter on Pork Barrel, Stewardship and the Poor. Calling on the government to:

On the part of government, for the sake of sound stewardship of public money, it is imperative that those who approve the budget are distinct and separate from those who implement the projects. The present system is very vulnerable to conflict of interest, parochialism and corruption in the selection of suppliers and the bidding of contracts.

Let the legislators legislate and the executives execute.

Will we still be silent? Will we not do something? Will we continuously allow corrupt and greedy politicians to steal from the money of the people and let it go to fake NGOs, expensive bags, luxurious cars and humungous mansions? Shouldn’t they actually help the people who elected them to their positions?

Before we go angrily to the streets, there can be some things we can do first.

Two things you can do to help promote our cause.

1. Sign the petition on Change.Org. We hope to reach enough signatures that the Senate and House will take notice. Click this: . Please send it to your friends and family as well.

2. Like our Abolish the Pork Barrel page on Facebook (, this is where news items regarding the pork barrel issue are posted everyday.

It is time to stop the greed. And suspend this practice that turns Kongresistas into Kontratistas. Sign the petition. Like the page. Spread it to your friends and family (even your enemies).

God bless our country.

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