Kung ayaw niyo, huwag niyo!

Those are words you don’t think you’d hear in the hallowed halls of Congress. Yet, I did hear it. Very un-parliamentary, very un-gentlemanly, very immature.

Backtrack a bit. Ever since the 16th Congress began (and even during the campaign), we have always said that the PDAF should be abolished. It corrupts the system. Lawmakers are elected to make laws. If they wanted projects, then they should have run as Mayors or Governors.

Then the whole Napoles brouhaha broke out, and P10-Billion was stolen via PDAF. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg, I am sure. My boss, Rep. Lito Atienza, had a press conference about the PDAF and how it is not needed, and how we did not have it before anyway (watch it here).

And he even gave a privilege speech on the floor of Congress about the PDAF and how, taming the message a bit, it should be SUSPENDED at least until the investigation into the allegations regarding Napoles and members of Congress (past AND present) is done by the NBI and the findings released (watch that here). I was there when he filed the resolution (read it here).

Of course, reactions were fast and furious. One was quite surprising… as I mentioned at the start of this blog. It came from Rep. Boyet Gonzales of Mandaluyong. I understand that people have different opinions regarding pork barrel. But the public opinion is definitely NOT positive. And the best thing to do is to suspend it pending the results of the investigation. Why touch your pork when everyone is watching and not happy about it? So Rep. Gonzales just said that the whole resolution making thing was unnecessary. If Rep. Atienza doesn’t want pork, then he should just not use it. “Kung ayaw niyo, huwag niyo”…. which means: don’t stop me from using my pork funds just because you don’t want to use yours.

Totally misses the point. Totally not listening to the demands and the outrage of the people. Totally disconnected and blinded by the glare of money. So Atienza confronted Gonzales on the floor. Watch it here. And it will be continued via privilege speech on Monday.

Abangan. The fight is far from over. When you are doing the right thing, especially when it comes to using the hard-earned money of the people you are supposed to represent, you cannot stop from speaking the truth and battling corruption.

IMG_5037 Some of the brave members of the independent bloc.

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